Hey everyone, recently I picked up the Bajei HF whip antenna from Aliexpress and at first it was working fine, then after testing it on my MFJ-207, I simply could not get the antenna to tune, I even contacted Lamco to see if they thought there was an issue with the analyzer as I had only just bought it from them a week or so earlier, they told me it was actually a brand new unit that they were selling off at a used price. – Nice one, so it wasn’t that then. I decided to take the back and side off the antenna and there was the problem, staring right in front of me, – the circutry was not wired right, (see the pic), the top metal part had become unsoldered from the antenna connection, so after a little bit of moving and re-soldering back into place the antenna is once again working as it should, it would had been nice if the seller had included some form of instructions, but if used with the MFJ-207 of the Nano VNA I can usually tune it quite well.

So if your Bajei HF whip has stopped working, please take a look on the inside, – remember to remove the two front dials first and then be extra careful taking the antenna apart.

Bajei HF Whip Antenna (Update)