Now my business is picking up, I have treated myself to a brand new radio and antenna, I went for the Xiegu G106 from Moonraker, best of all I needed an antenna too and they currently (at the time of writing this) they have an an offer on where for just £330 you get the Xiegu G106 HF Radio and a Moonraker Whizloop antenna (10-40m) for just £330 brand new and in the UK.

To say I am pretty excited is an understatement, currently I use my Yaesu FT818 and a Chinese SDR Transceiver so today I did it, I treated myself, brand new rig and brand new antenna for winter 2022.

I will update the blog is due course.

More information regarding the Xiegu G106 can be found by visiting this link: – the actual deal itself can be found here: