So I was on the look-out for a better battery option for my Yaesu FT-818, but for the price of a bigger battery I could infact buy a brand new 80-10m HF Radio with in built battery pack, speaker mic and more, all for just over £150.

This arrived in my hands from China in less than 7 days which is pretty amazing, and I wont lie to you, this radio is far from perfect but I love it, I mean it does all I need it to without the hype of something like a Xiegu with waterfall display, in built tuner etc, this is a cheap radio that is designed to work straight out of the box, my first and only contact so far was operating handheld from here in Plymouth to Wales on 40m SSB.

By the way the original high-resolution photos fron my review are available to purchase, please click here to find out more information.

So what’s inside the box ?

  • HF SDR Radio with LI-ON battery already installed
  • Speaker mic
  • Battery charger with 2 pin connection and UK Mains plug

Speaking of the charger, once you plug the radio in, the included charger has a LED light on the actual charger unit, when the battery is charging the light will emit a red light, when fully charged it will turn green. The time it takes to charge varies but on average its around 2 hours.

The radio is like an iPad there is no instructions included, but its pretty simple, what I do like is the radio has an in-built PTT switch which seems to work fine and the antenna connection is SO239.

So far so good, all I need now is an actual antenna, I have however since purchased the auto antenna tuner too this came in at £66.00 and took around 14 days for delivery, this too has an in-built battery, more on this soon.

73’s and 88’s de M3UHQ