Sadly its time to say goodbye well and truly to my HT Ive had for the last 12 months – The Radtel, its now being replaced by a Quangsheng, what makes this radio just as intersting is the price, it cost me just £15 from China including delivery.

Whats the difference between the two radios?

The Radtel is more colourful and has features like a Power Meter for example, the Quangsheng is more in the style of a Baofeng UV-5R, a UV-5R on steroids that is.

Why im ditching the Radtel – Honestly I fancy a change and I can only use one at a time, the benefits of the Quangsheng include: Better grip / how it feels in the hand, it also has airband receive in AM modulation, it also has USB C charging and has a 1750 tone burst too. Basically the poor guys Yaesu FT60. – But cheap.

So Lawrie, how do I get myself one of these radios then ?

Its so simple….

Create a throw away email account, Go to Aliexpress, Type in Baofeng and choose a special new members deal, await delivery and enjoy your purchase. Its that simple. or if you’re in a rush you can always buy one from here.

Its still very early days but so far so good and I mean that.