Lets start straight away, inside the box which is nothing fancy, just a plain cardboard box from China. The contents include the Radio, Speaker Mic, 2 Pin Charging Cable and UK Mains adapter.

Nothing else, nothing more.

Instructions are not included although its pretty easy to use this radio, note there is no internal ATU so a dummy load at least needs to be attached prior to using the radio.

Charging your radio

Simply plug the supplied charger into the radio charging port, the other into the mains (using the supplied adapter). The charging LED with turn red, once charged this turns green.

The radio is made of metal, its heavy, almost handheld but not so, its quite chunky and large, underneath or to the side if help with a whip antenna on top there is another PTT switch, the radio also has a dedicated PTT button, you also have the multi vfo dial thats also used to adjust the volume and change bands, its both a press switch and rotary dial.

The antenna connection is a SO239, so works well with PL259 fitting antennas. The radio at the time of purchase was £139 inc delivery from China.

I went for this radio as alternative to buying a Windcamp battery for my Yaesu 818.

Pro’s of this radio

  • Affordable, £139 inc shipping from China
  • Internal battery installed and ready to go
  • External microphone included
  • Can work with a CW key
  • SO239 antenna connection
  • SWR Meter built in
  • 5w transmit power

Con’s of this radio

  • The screen might be too basic for some people, tho is backlit
  • The menu isnt very well layed out, all menu driven
  • No battery indicator
  • No option for a tuner addon
  • When changing bands, the volume can make a little noise
  • No filters for audio filtering