Just a FYI, like everything here on my blog, all the items purchased were by me, it was my own decision to buy such item and I have in no way been sponsored to write any reviews.

Now unlike most parts of the Country, down here in Devon we dont have much in terms of Amateur Radio technology unlike others who have DMR / D-Star Repeaters and likely more users too. So all I really need for making contacts down here is a handheld that works on the 2m / 70cms Amateur Bands and ideally has wide-band receive, now thats everything the Radtel RT890 offers plus Airband AM too. – Great little radio for the price paid.

What is nice about this radio is it can easily be programmed on the go, even know it comes supplied with a desktop charger it can also be programmed using the USB-C port on the side, it also has nice features including a Power meter when transmitting and receiving.

Honestly if all you’re looking for is a 2m 70cms Handheld with Airband, I thoroughly recommend this radio.

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