After checking out what is likely to be the Laira Railway Yard using digital two way radios, hence a transmission that cannot be decoded with the standard analogue ham radios, I went onto eBay in the hope to find a DMR radio for myself, of course not just for monitoring the local railway yard down the road but also in the hope to speak with other local hams who might well be using DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) too.

The Baofeng and I forget the model right now of the one I have ordered, is also Motorola Tier 1 and Tier 2 compatible.

However, after looking across eBay UK, there were no used DMR radios at the time, the only one available was new at a whopping £120. So off to China where I found a brand new Baofeng DMR radio for a mere £35. – Bargain.

I will update you all with how things pan out soon.

73’s for now!. More information coming.