I have a brand new dualband handheld, for me a active radio amateur living in West Devon it does more than enough as far as a radio goes.

So not only will this radio cover the 2m 70cms amateur radio bands, VHF Marine, PMR446 etc, the same as any Baofeng UV-5R would, it is also unlocked right out of the box for receiving SatCom satellites, civil airband with am modulation but also military airband again with am modulation. The one thing it lacks unlike a regular Baofeng UV-5R series is the LED Flashlight, but I never used that feature anyway.

The Radtel RT-890 I bought from here, is in a fantastic bright green case, much like Icom did with one of their D-Star handhelds.

What I really like with this radio is the true dual watch feature, airband receive, signal meter and the fact its unlocked straight from the item arriving through the letterbox. I had forgot I ordered this radio, the postman came as soon as I was going out, it wasnt until i got home and wandered what the box contained that I soon realised this is a new radio I bought to hopefully own and keep for a very long time.

Photos to follow.

Im away visiting my parents at the moment and it dawned on me that even know I did not bring the charger with me, I can infact charge the Radtel radio using a USB-C port. It was fun trying to programme this radio with no manual to be found online, you get supplied a sheet of paper that lets you know the basics for operation, there was no info about setting the repeater shift, eventually on the menu there is a QR code you can scan to be redirected to a website where the instructions can be found.