The Quangsheng UV-K5

Hello everyone,  my UV-K5 keypad has started to develop a fault, when the keys to the left of the keypad are pressed the buttons do not respond the way they usually would.

Keys are 1 4 and 7.

It takes a lot more of a harder press to engage the frequency, of course I could just programme using the programming lead and software however its not always ideal to program another way, especially if you are somewhere out and about and you have a brand new frequency to enter.

I had very similar issues on the Baofeng UV-3R Plus, this too started acting up the same way.

I do not intend to give up on the radio just yet, this is more of a warning for others to keep an eye out for potential keypad issues.



I flashed the firmware with Eguzmer V.0.22 and the keypad is working once again. Bit strange that, anyway the handy is working once again, I even upgraded the antenna as the stock one is rubbish.

I flashed the firmware with Eguzmer V.0.22 and its made the radio interesting
Hi-gain antenna for my Quangsheng radio