I expect some of you reading this post, know just how difficult it can be to get a present for a loved one or a friend that is meaningful to them.

Personalised Radio Callsign Drinks Coaster

Special, heartfelt one of a kind gifts from you to them that only they know will mean a great deal to them.

One niche which we have encountered is the radio related gift range.

There is always CB radio t-shirts on various websites and marketplaces but we are talking here about personalised gifts, being given a CB radio related gift to a radio ham (amateur) is almost the same as when someone asks you is Amateur Radio like CB.. (That gut feeling)

In my case, I don’t mind all that much as I still have a CB Radio here and its where my radio hobby started.

So where can you buy such gifts, well thankfully my wife makes them, she has come up with the original idea to use a mix of crafts to make them, I beleive she made me one as a one-off but these have proved very popular on our website, facebook, etsy etc.

Below are a list of links where we currently have them available and for sale.

CQ Shop

Cornish Connect Gift Shop

She has been selling them far too cheap for way too long, but she says its still profitable. Plus the more you buy the better deal she can offer, especially handy for when you have more than one friend thats a radio enthusiast or if you’re an international customer so you can buy in bulk, this is especially handy so you will not have to pay for international delivery more than once.

Anyway thats all for me, I need to go and take care of my XYL, she’s been poorly and spent three nights in Hospital.

Stay safe, stay well. 73 + 88’s.

de Lawrie – M3UHQ