It had been a busy weekend, I went into my storage unit and pulled out a brand new rubber waterproof case and also a military spec folding antenna, the purpose was to give them to someone I had found on Facebook, she has many groups and I felt it was a nice thing to do, besides I have had them for ages.

Back in 2007 when I had become first licenced in our wonderful hobby, we were encouraged to help others that are new to this hobby. In the past I have personally given away 2m / 70cms beams, handhelds and even a HF antenna once, each and every time without expecting anything in return.

So one waterproof radio case for the Baofeng UV-5R and a Military Spec dualband 2m 70cms handheld antenna was ready, I messaged her on Facebook messenger, I wrote – ” I like your yellow Baofeng”, her response was thats ok, but speak to your wife and not me.

What an aweful thing to say, I was really trying my best to help her out and encourage her, I deleted the chat and put a block on her, I tried.. I dont think I would bother again.

Rant over, night all – 73.