Having purchased this radio myself, using my own money the review I am about to write is based upon my own findings.

So the wait is on, this big radio is coming straight from China to me here in Devon, Im not sure why but for some reason I was expecting a much bigger box, the box is like every other Chinese radio, made from cardboard with plastic inserts. Certainly not what would be supplied if this was a true military grade radio, nor would it be dualband neither.

Baofeng AR 152 radio box
Baofeng AR-152 Military Style 2m 70cms Amateur Radio

Looking inside the box the wait is finally over, the contents were also disapointing, inside theres a very basic manual, the radio with battery already atached, antenna and a mains plug. – Thats it, and definetly no belt clip.

Upon turning on the radio, the Baofeng AR 152 feels just like a regular basic Baofeng UV-5R, maybe my copy or a genuine fault, the screen display does not work the same as when the buttons are pressed, there is a very slight yet alloying delay.

Programming is the exact same as programming a Baofeng UV-5R on the fly, using the built in keyboard.

Im not 100% sure who the intended market for this radio is, maybe the name AR means Amateur Radio. I dont know.

I think law enforcement / the police would be quite right to question anyone using this radio out in the public. Its asking for trouble.

A word of advice I would NOT recommend using this radio for anything else than A2B communication from your home, definelty not for the PMR446 frequencies nor VHF Marine use, at a push for keeping in your backpack with a speaker mic for easy access but then again only for licenced radio amateur’s.

Proceed with caution.  Thats my advice.

Rating: 5/10.

Baofeng AR-152 Military Style 2m 70cms Amateur Radio