I owned the Baofeng UV-9R for well over a year, I kept it at my parents house to use when I went to visit. The radio was well built and although basic in terms of what can be bought today (2023) it served me very well for operating on the 2m 70cms Amateur Radio bands, It had the annoying Motorola style programming interference, unlike the two pin found on the UV-5R / UV-82 etc.

For the little price I paid it was and still is a fantastic value radio, I sold mine onto Chris 2M0UTZ. Overall a fab radio, ideal for beginners operating for the first time or their very first handheld radio (rig).

Tho if you’re looking for ease to operate and programme Id recommend you going for a Yaesu FT65 or similar.

if you have any questions, please be sure to ask.

73 88