I bought my UV-K5 from Aliexpress directly, although they are available to purchase from the United Kingdom also. (Link).

The Quangsheng UV-K5 is in a league of its own, sitting somewhere between a Baofeng UV-5R and a Yaesu FT60 in terms or build quality and ease of features, especially programming on the go.

The radio not only works perfectly for a 5w RF Power Out dualband 2m 70cms Amateur Radio, but also this radio has wide band receive and airband receive with AM modulation and 8.33khz step. Just like the Baofeng UV-5R this radio also has FM receive and built in torch.

Those of you who are not open to the Amateur Radio bands, will be glad to learn this radio works perfectly on VHF Marine, PMR446 etc (Please ensure you use the frequencies that you are allowed to use with power reduction in line with UK Law.

Great Features

  • Easy to use programming
  • Built in torch is pretty good
  • Simple menu navigation
  • USB C Charging
  • Close capture radio frequencies with CTCSS
  • Correct step for the PMR446 band
  • Latest step for airband receive
  • Airband receiver with am modulation
  • Included over-ear headpiece
  • Fast scan mode

Not so good features

  • Menu is quick to switch off
  • Included stock antenna is not very good
  • 156.000MHz there is a birdie on the frequency
  • Drop in charger is lightweight and can easily slip off from a flat surface
  • Orange volume dial looks a bit childish / tacky looking ‘Fisher price looking’
  • No keypad illumination

Is this radio perfect ?

Now of course this radio isn’t 100% perfect there are some teething issues, but its a lot more user friendly than the Baofeng range of radios, also this radio can be used on other frequencies ie PMR446, VHF Marine Band etc (Of course you will need to ensure you are operating within the legal power limit and under your own licencing conditions).

Best bang for your buck (Pound)

But if you’re on the look-out for an inexpensive shack in a box, dualband 2m 70cms amateur radio handheld with Airband Receiver (AM). You will find it hard to find anything on the market currently thats better.