I really can’t quite decide which new radio to go for to replace the Yaesu FT818 – When I actually get a buyer and sell it.

After speaking to Walt, K4OGO he tells me the Xiegu range are a good make of radio, and certainly for the price, I can get a radio the same price near enough of the Yaesu FT818 new with internal battery and tuner. I was tempted to buy the used model from Martin Lynch and Sons this week for £399 but what put me off was the fact the internal batteries on these radios cannot be changed.

Another radio is the (Tru) SDX this comes in at around the same price as my other Chinese HF SDR Transceiver – £140, again from China, the only thing thats putting me off at the moment is the global supply issue, and the lead up to Christmas – let alone the nastiness of the official Facebook group and its so called ‘nice’ members.

Another option would be a QRP radio that would use my PC as the main controller, but even used these SDR radios are holding their price.

So for the time being im in thinking mode, also I need to sort some form of an antenna, even if its an inside one.