The Shack

The Shack of M3UHQ – 2021

The shack is very basic these days, although I am slowly building it back up once again, I had lost interest for a few years but I always kept a HF VHF UHF radio, antenna, PSU and ATU back just in case I ever wanted to return and Yes I do.

Proposed HF Antenna idea at M3UHQ

So much that I am looking at doing my intermediate exam sometime hopefully in the not to distant future.

Transceivers: HF QRP SDR Transceiver, Xiegu G106, TruSDX (Orange), Radtel 2m 70cms with Airband RX in Bright Yellow.


Scanners / Receivers: SDR Receiver

Antennas: Wimo 2m 70cms Indoor Dipole, Bajei HF Whip Antenna, Monoband HF Whips for 20m and 15m, Moonraker Whizloop V2

TruSDX Radio - 8 Days from China
TruSDX Orange HF Multi Band Radio

Geiger Counter – Just as you don’t know whats next with Putin and the World right now.

Now before you ask am I not the guy who runs The CQ Shop ? I am yes, and all thats available for the shop is kept seperate from my own equipment, so come on over and take a look and see if there’s something that takes your fancy. – Visit The CQ Shop now.