Let’s just be clear here, the Xiegu G106 is an affordable, no thrills HF Transceiver that covers between 10 and 80m and transmits with a power of just 5w. Its a cheap HF Radio and would be perfect for someone new to the hobby or as a back-up rig or your go to portable / SOTA radio.

What’s Included inside the box?

Very little it would seem, you get: Fist microphone, 12v power lead, the radio, basic instructions and in my case a USB programming cable also. – Thats it.

Now we need to ensure you realise, this radio is never going to be a Yaesu FT817 / 818, OK so its small and cheap, but its basically a bare bones, no thrills HF Transceiver, its approx half the price of a Yaesu 817/818.

The package I purchased from Moonraker (UK) with half price Whiz-Loop antenna.

The Xiegu G106 with the supplied accessories

The Front of the Xiegu G106

The rear of the Xiegu G106

Now I have connected this new setup to my power supply but sadly there wasnt anyone active on HF, at the moment I have yet to make any new contacts, but when I do I will let you all know, I do have a YouTube channel coming soon too. For now we are still in the testing stages.

73’s for now, please check back soon, or better still, subscribe.