Hello everyone, I have been busy with my latest radio, its the TruSDX HF Radio, everything minus the power supply is built already into this tiny little radio, (More pics coming). I ordered it directly from China and it arrived in exactly 8 days, I cant always get stuff from the UK come that fast.

The build quality is fantastic, there’s even a mic already built in, the antenna connection is SMA-Male but an adaptor is included to make it work with BNC antennas / coaxial cable etc.

The power out is upto 8w according to the menu, did I say how well this unit is made? Well its solid, really cool and even has advanced features such as CW decoder. Totally amazing little design, I am just waiting on the optional external battery case to come and I hope this week to get something sorted for HF portable as this week im on a short trip down to Torquay and I plan to play a little radio while I am there. – I have really got back into the hobby once again and Im totally loving the experience all over again.

If you have any questions, please ask.


Long live the King.