Well well well, today’s postal delivery was interesting, apart from my Freestyle Libres finally came from Lloyds Direct, as did three other packages, two different sellers and one same tracking code. – Regardless they have arrived. Its funny how I ended up online looking for a DMR Handheld and came away with two handhelds and a hoover – all for less than one DMR Baofeng in the UK. I ordered on 30th August and they arrived on the 6th, but came to me on the 8th.

My £4 hoover from china.

If you are local to Plymouth and your post is constantly running late or not at all some days, you are not alone, I spoke to the postman yesterday and he said they have staffing issues, which is causing me anxiety for the Christman season rush, as my XYL (Hannah) says – Amazon it is lol.

So lets take a look at both of the new radios.

Baofeng DMR – £43 with Tax from Aliexpress

Overall a really well built radio with good weight and has a very well build quality, although DMR this radio will need to be programmed using a programming cable, still for the price, a darn sight cheaper than those available within the UK. This confirms yesterdays post about the Laira Railway Depot using DMR. – I need to learn how to use colours per channel / frequencies now and if there are any other local Hams that are also using DMR.


  • 1/3 of the price if you bought from the UK
  • Very hard learning curve
  • Slow startup
  • FREE XL Abbree 2m 70cms whip antenna


  • Cannot be programmed on the go, needs to be programmed using Chirp with a non supplied USB Cable
  • Old school Baofeng belt clip – Will need tools and a steady hand
  • No Text facility unlike advertised
  • Supplied antenna is not very good

Quangsheng 2m 70cms Handheld with Airband RX (AM)

Get this, £13 + Tax from China, and its similar in terms of specs like my Radtel except it just feels more pleasant to use, the menu options are so much easier and its a fun radio, Im starting to enjoy the orange swith found at the top, im going to need to ensure the radio is working as it should as I have been unable to access any local repeaters (at the time of writing this anyway).

  • Pros
  • The price 🙂
  • Feels good in the hand
  • Well built
  • Decent high quality antenna supplied
  • Easy to install belt clip
  • Really well laid out menu
  • FM Radio works a treat
  • Airband receive with AM Modulation
  • USB C Charging cable included

  • Cons
  • The supplied cradle charger is hard wired to the charging lead
  • When using Moni to open the squelch its very noisy
  • The volume knob is very loose

The Hoover?

Lets just say its OK, it does work with pet hair so not bad for the price. – £4 / 6.