Welcome to M3UHQ – Plymouth based Amateur Radio Station

Poldhu Amateur Radio Club – GB2GM – 2007


Hi there! Welcome, my name is Lawrie and my callsign is M3UHQ, I live in the Mount Gould area of Plymouth in Devon, some of you may know of me from when I were living in Penzance, West Cornwall – Gwavas Street and the tall antenna out the back of the house, well im still here although a good 80 miles North, am still living on the Coast although now tho its the wrong side of the Tamar Bridge – I have entered England and its not all that bad really.

Special thanks to Walt K4OGO and Steve G7VOH, Ken G0FIC and many more

New and Secondhand Radio Sales: The CQ Shop

Are you looking for something new for your radio shack, a spare part, maybe a secondhand handy radio or a camera, please take a look over at The CQ Shop, I started this little venture with the help of Chris 2M0UTZ in the beginning solely online, we started with eBay and then prior to the Covid Pandemic I was considering a market stall in Plymouth Pannier Market, when Covid / The Pandemic hit – myself and my XYL both had Covid (long before the vaccinations) I became very poorly and am still recovering now, I nearly died in 2021, now tho we use our website and raise awareness of the brand via Facebook and Twitter.


Please come and support our little business – we do have a few extra options for you all too including a FREE Buy and Sell Classifieds service, commission sales, private advertising and more.

Plymouth’s Only Ham and CB Radio stockists

If you are local to us here in Plymouth, you are fully aware that we no longer have a radio communications shop here in the City, so if you need something and we have it, or have to order in for you, you are very welcome to come around and collect your order, the very same day if you like or after work upto 11pm. – We are friendly like that.

Would you like to ask us anything regarding the items we sell ?

If you have any questions relating to radio, please be sure to ask, if we know the answer we will help you, if we dont we will guide you to someone that does.- We all have to start somewhere, so why not start here ?

I am indeed also the owner of the successful online Amateur Radio Shop – The CQ Shop, Please click here to visit the website.

Radio related stock photography photos for sale

I have been taking photographs for many years, so with that in mind I do have a small selection of radio related stock images, all are available to purchase directly from this website, if you are looking for something specific, I might have it just not listed it yet, so please be sure to ask me. Please come and take a look by clicking here.