Welcome to M3UHQ

Amateur Radio portable and base station located near Exeter in Devon.

My primary interests is long distance communication via radio using as little power as possible.

All of my radios and accessories are Chinese imports, as I am not prepared to pay silly money for this hobby not when there is good enough tech available directly from China.

I am the proud owner and CEO of The CQ Shop, so do come and tka e alook around, my stock is always changing, plus we now have a FREE Classifieds service for everyone to use.

My interest in the amateur radio hobby is now stronger than ever before, so far this year there has been lots of changes within my life and I realise just how important it is to get back into the hobbies and interests I once loved and was also proud to be involved with.

Youre welcome to ask me about more details if you’d like to, please use any of the  details found on the ‘contact’ page.

73’s and 88’s from this station de M3UHQ.


The Devon town of Crediton in Devon

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New Radio – Baofeng BF-18L

New Radio - Baofeng BF-18LSadly its happened, another brand new Baofeng has landed on my desk, this time something new and relatively interesting from team Baofeng. The BF-18L which is more than just another 2m 70cms handy from China. The BF-18L has twin PTT just like...

Egzumer What Is It and How Do I Get It?

Egzumer What Is It and How Do I Get It?EGZUMER is a replacement firmware that you can get for free, details can be found on the internet, its for users who already own a Quangsheng UK-K5 variant. The actual hardware on this radio is simple to modify and allows the...

Three New Contacts Tonight with Italian Stations

It was a delight, be it hard work to get three new contacts into the new log book for tonight, I was working handheld using my trusty yet clunky 'HF QRP SDR Transceiver' and Monoband whip antenna for 14mhz.     The three stations included.    ...

Quangsheng UV-K5 Keypad Issues

The Quangsheng UV-K5 Hello everyone,  my UV-K5 keypad has started to develop a fault, when the keys to the left of the keypad are pressed the buttons do not respond the way they usually would. Keys are 1 4 and 7. It takes a lot more of a harder press to engage the...

The Baofeng AR 152

Having purchased this radio myself, using my own money the review I am about to write is based upon my own findings. So the wait is on, this big radio is coming straight from China to me here in Devon, Im not sure why but for some reason I was expecting a much bigger...