Hi and welcome, my name is Lawrie and I have been a Radio Amateur (Ham) since July 2007.

I studied at The Poldhu Centre GB2GM with the support and friendship of Keith Matthew (G0WYS) SK – I have fond memories of studying and learning all about this fascinating past time with him down at The Poldhu Centre. I always remember at the 2007 Truro Radio Rally how proud Keith was of the few of us that had passed the radio exam only a few weeks before the rally. – Link to the Poldhu Radio Club and their post on Keith’s passing.

Originally and when I were studying for my Amateur Radio exam I was living in the Cornish Town of Penzance, in 2010 we moved to Plymouth in Devon, some say the wrong side of The Tamar Bridge, its not that bad, I mean come on, there are good and bad everywhere, I am of course a proud Cornishman and I dont particularily like the pasties they sell this side of the river Tamar, thankfully we have Warrens and Rowes pasty shops in the high street.

Just like so many other radio hams, I too am very into my photography – I wonder what the connection is there?

I am a multi award winning Cornish Photographer. My latest photography can be found here.

Radio wise, its only recently that I have got back into the hobby, for ages I was absent, my friend Chris 2M0UTZ left and moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, Plymouth’s only 2m voice repeater was moved out of the City to Ivybridge and we moved from Llantillio Drive to Mount Gould Road, a single flat near the Methodist Church, although I am now weighing up my options for a suitable HF Antenna system, hmm maybe the metal fence or the guttering around the Church.. 🙂

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Im slowly rebuilding my ham radio shack. – if you have anything for sale, please let me know.

Thats all for now, 73’s Lawrie