I use a mixed bunch of radios and accessories, all are Chinese branded and all seem to work fine.

The price of big brand names are so expensive since the UK leaving the Eu.


ABBREE 2m 70cms Mobile Transceiver with Airband AM receiver mode and DTMF Microphone.

SONY ICF-SW-7600G Shortwave Radio Receiver with true SSB receive mode.

Chinese HF Automatic Antenna Tuning Unit. 

Chinese SWL Radio Receiver with inbuilt battery. ATS-20+

Quangsheng 2m 70cms Handheld Two Way Radio with AM Airband Receive

Pofung PMR446 Two Way Radios

Radtel 2m 70cms Handheld Two Way Radio, Quangsheng Camo Blue 2m 70cms Handheld Two Way Radio and the Quangsheng as seen above.

DJI Mavic Mini Flymore Combo Drone with Remote and Three batteries.

Two HF Chinese branded radio transceivers

Two HF Radios from China – The HF QRP SDR Transceiver and also the (tr)uSDX 5w HF QRP Radio, made in China and designed in Germany. (Saves costs I guess?)

I do have a third HF Radio the Xiegu G106 currently in storage.

April 2024 – My latest radio is the Tidradio 2m 70cms with airband RX – this little chinese radio is superior and feels just like a Yaesu.